Ecolodge Bukit Lawang

Ecolodge Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang Orangutan Trail

The weekend at the end of May 2023 was enlivened by the Bukit Lawang Orangutan Trail event. The series of activities began on May 26-28, 2023.

This event was a trail run competition, which was divided into 3 distance categories. The distances were 7 km with a Cut Off Time (COT) of 4 hours, 15 km with a COT of 7 hours, and 50 km with a COT of 12 hours. The 7 km trail run was further divided into various subcategories, including the team category (consisting of 3 people, mixed men and women), the individual student category (men and women), the individual category for those under and over 40 years old (men and women), and the TNI and POLRI categories (men only). On the other hand, the distances of 15 km and 50 km were only divided into individual categories with ages below and above 45 years (men and women).

Approximately 700 national and international participants took part in this trail run event, showing great enthusiasm. The participants crossed Gunung Leuser National Park (TNGL), which serves as the habitat for four key Sumatran animals.

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