Eco Experience

The Ecolodge Bukit Lawang takes a leading role in sustainable tourism through striving to work in harmony with the natural processes and inhabitants of the rainforest. Our services and infrastructure are inspired by the very beautiful and highly unique surroundings.

«Kapal Bambu» Restaurant

«Kapal Bambu» means «Bamboo Ship» in the Indonesian language. Due to its unique form, the spectacular new restaurant has together with the orangutans and the forest, quickly become a new landmark of Bukit Lawang.

Built predominantly from carefully treated bamboo, Kapal Bambu blends nature, sustainability and culinary delights. The two-story construction can accommodate 400 people. The ground floor harbours the dining area with 150 seats, kitchen, reception, office and a small shop. The upper story, our unique “bamboo lounge,” is designed to be used as a multi-functional space, offering conservation education, simple relaxation, and entertainment.

Our efforts

Save energy

Our lodges are inspired by the sur­rounding environment. The rooms are simple, yet comfortable and charming. The open design of the bungalows allows for a natural, cooling air flow, and an atmosphere flooded with light.

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Eco-Food: fresh, healthy and local

Our kitchen at the «Kapal Bambu,» uses fresh ingredients and absolutely no synthetic food additives, such as preservatives, MSG (monosodium glutamate), or artificial colours. The chef adheres to authentic Indonesian cuisine, but also ventures into European and fu­sion cooking to suit your individual tastes.

Tinned products are restricted to condensed milk, while palm oil and margarine are not used in our kitchen – instead we use coconut oil and dairy butter. Whenever possible, we use fresh produce from our Eco-Farming Centre as well as purchasing from the local farmers, thus reducing the environmental costs of the transport of products from further afield.

Waste management

Paying tribute to its name, Ecolodge Bukit Lawang takes care to reduce environmental impacts as much as possible.

Our Actions include


As much as possible of the non-organic waste is recycled. Glass, PET and other types of plastic are recycled, with other materials worked into creative souvenirs by the local people. Also too the PPLH Environmental Education Centre offers a paper recycling module to visiting school classes.

Reduction of waste

Wherever possible, waste is avoided, eg by buying bulk, rather than small, individually wrapped portions, and by restricting or outright prohibiting items such as tinned foods and plastic water bottles.


Organic and non-organic wastes are separated. Organic waste, leftovers and discards from the kitchen are converted into compost, which then acts as a natural fertiliser for the gardens.

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Ecolodge Garden

The Ecolodge Bukit Lawang garden is very diverse, displaying an astonishing variety of plants and wildlife.

All our plants and wildlife are strictly protected. Please refrain from picking any flowers, fruits, or plants. Also the garden is open, without any fences or barriers, so please do not disturb any wildlife or the occasional domestic goat or two that may be roaming the grounds.


The wastewater from laundry, showers and basins is filtered through particulate filters before being piped into specially sealed basins, filled with sand and gravel. These are planted with plant species that are demanding in water and nutrients, thus easily absorbing any remaining nitrates and phosphates. As a result, no pollutants will seep into the river, where the now-filtered wastewater will eventually flow.

Together, even with just small initial steps and measures, we can improve the ecology of Sumatra.

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