Ecolodge Bukit Lawang

Ecolodge Bukit Lawang

Expectations While Jungle Trekking at Bukit Lawang

Expectations While Jungle Trekking at Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang is a village popular for its jungle trekking activity through the Gunung Leuser National Park, one of the richest tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia. Known for its incredible biodiversity, a full day trekking means an encounter with a variety of flora and fauna, including the critically endangered Sumatran orangutans, macaques, gibbons, and numerous native bird species like hornbill.

The Ecolodge hosts jungle trekking activities for different group sizes from day trips to a full week of jungle camping. With the most trusted and knowledgeable guides, this activity is a perfect way to reconnect with ourselves and our environment.

What to expect?


During the trek, you will pass through rubber plantations managed by the community, and several other accommodations, then enter the forest and cross the border of Leuser National Park. If you are lucky, you will see wild animals that live there. Orangutans, Thomas’s Leaf Monkeys, Long-tailed Monkeys, various types of birds, and other wildlife.

Inside the Gunung Leuser National Park, you will immerse into a rich diversity of flora that are only found in Sumatra, such as trees that have been living for hundred years, lianas that have become woody and even strong enough to support human weight, beautiful mushrooms that grow like ornaments, and refreshing streams.

Halfway throught the trek, the guide will signal for a lunch break that is definitely most people’s favourite part of the trip. Not only you get to rest, but you also get to feast on flavourful food that your guide will serve. Sitting for a while, listening to the sounds of nature will certainly add to the enjoyment of this picnic-like rest. After lunch, on we continue the journey.

lunch at sumatran jungle

A full day trek usually takes you about 6 hours or depending on your pace. The best way to end this is through a refreshing river tubing ride back to Ecolodge. Passing through the Bohorok river, this short ride usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

Along the Bohorok River, you can see the forest and the life of the community at Bukit Lawang. The riverbank is usually crowded with people swimming or just enjoying the atmosphere, with karaoke being rampant in the area.

Book your next adventure with us and we guarantee you a life-changing and soul refreshing experience that you will take with you. Check our activities here.


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