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Find The Room Type That Suits Your Personality

Find the Room Type That Suits Your Personality

If you have stumbled upon our property online and plan to visit us but a little hesitant on which room to book, here is a guide to help you choose what room type is best for your personality.

First of all, Ecolodge is a member of an organization that practices sustainability and conservation. Our rooms are built in minimal approach with an objective to lessen the negative impact on our environment. But one important thing we take pride in is that our location sits perfectly between the Bohorok river and the border of Gunung Leuser National Park.

At Ecolodge, we have 5 room types that you can choose from.

Butterfly Room

If you are a social butterfly who prefers minimal but with modern amenities, this one is for you. Our Butterfly room is the newly built room type and the closest to Kapal Bambu, our main restaurant. This type of room is compact and equipped with a hot shower. If traveling with a group but wants your little privacy, this is an ideal room type if you don’t want to be too far from them.


Thomas Leaf Monkey Room

Located a little further but not too far from Kapal Bambu and facing the common areas of the property, this room features a semi outdoor bathroom for that little adventure vibe. The Thomas room is for anyone seeking for a quiet space for a balanced soul. The balcony is the best place to chill out with a friend or do your journal.

Orangutan Room

A special lodge with a forest view and features a bathroom with a mini garden, making it a absolute thrill for adventure seekers. Our Orangutan room is quipped with a spacious balcony and a garden view style wherein you can easily enjoy your book or mindful activity session! Feel free to do your yoga in front of your room while surrounded by lush greenery and the sounds of jungle fauna.

Siamang Room

Away from the busy Kapal Bambu, Siamang room is perfect for anyone seeking a sense of peace and quiet. Offering a forest view, it almost feels like you’re camping at the comfort of your beds! Choose this room if you like to be away from the crowd and aim to immerse yourself in nature.

Hornbill Room

This is the oldest but the biggest room at Ecolodge ideal for families and alike. Featuring a villa-type structure, hornbill room is your home away from home. Spend quality time with your family, take nature walks… as this is the farthest from the restaurant.

Like mentioned previously, our goal is to minimise our impact on the environment. In addition, all our rooms don’t have WiFi to practice simple living and give you the opportunity to connect more with nature. If you need to connect to WiFi, feel free to do so at the Kapal Bambu.

At the same time, given the cooler climate, the rooms don’t have air-condition as another part of our conservation initiative. Our fans are strong enough to keep the ventilation stable around your room.

Check out this page to get our updated rates.

Hope this article adds value to your decision making. See you at the Ecolodge very soon.

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