Kapal Bambu

New in 2016, the «Kapal Bambu» restaurant is the latest jewel of of Ecolodge Bukit Lawang. The restaurant is constructed from natural and sustainable harvested bamboo and clay, which are found in sufficient quantities in the local environment of Bukit Lawang. Read more.


The kitchen team adheres to authentic Indonesian cuisine, but also ventures into European and fu­sion cooking to suit your individual tastes. Have a look on our current Ecolodge Restaurant menu.

Ecofarming Center

We care about the health of our guests and therefore avoid using foods with chemical additives. We go to the local farmers or PPLH’s Ecofarming Centre which has an official bio-label. We talk to the people and know how they grow and cultivate their vegetables, fruits and fish.

Ecolodge Garden

We sometimes use vegetables from the rainforest for our dishes. But to find food in the rainforest a lot of experience and time is needed, and therefore we have our own beautiful garden where we also grow vegetables and fruits.