Bukit Lawang is a peaceful village in the province of North Sumatra. Until the 1970s the area was a tiny settlement with a few rows of houses, surrounded by vast rubber plantations. Whereas now Bukit Lawang is a main access point into the green heart of Sumatra: the Leuser Ecosystem. Here you will have the unique chance to view rehabilitated and wild orangutans in a guided tour through the lush forests of the region.

The region hosted an official orangutan rehabilitation project from 1973 to 2001, for the purposes of fighting the illegal pet trade as well as to reinforce the free ranging populations living in the wild, through releasing ex-captives to protected forest areas. In total approximately 229 orangutans were rehabilitated and released into the Leuser forests at Bukit Lawang.


Although no longer a rehabilitation site, the BL area still supports several rehabilitant orangutans and their surviving progeny. The area remains open to visitors, providing the incredible opportunity of viewing both wild and rehabilitated or semi-wild orangutans on forest treks, an experience which galvanizes support for their conservation and well-being, and fuels the local economy.

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