Ecolodge Bukit Lawang

Ecolodge Bukit Lawang

Must Try Culinary Delights in the City of Binjai

North Sumatra is famous for its food, coffee, and wildlife including the iconic orangutan.

Most visitors who want to see orangutans head to Bukit Lawang or somewhere else within the Gunung
Leuser National Park. On the way to Bukit Lawang, one will commonly travel from the city of Medan
through the city of Binjai. For this write up, we will not be talking about the city of Medan (maybe next
time), but instead will discuss some culinary delights that you might try when heading to Bukit Lawang.

The North Sumatran city of Binjai is famous for its rambutan fruits. When rambutan is in season, one can
easily find rambutan sellers on the side of the road, who commonly sell their fruits at a price far cheaper
than in the city of Medan.

Other than rambutan fruits, Binjai has two additional culinary delights that one should definitely try on
their way to Bukit Lawang. These the Indonesian favorites es campur Kalimantan and bakso Mataram.

Es Campur Kalimantan

Es campur or mixed ice is ​​a drink commonly found in Indonesia or Malaysia. The es campur Kalimantan
includes a mix of fermented rice (tape), sugar palm fruit (kolang kaling), jackfruit (nangka), sugar, and
ice. It is an extremely refreshing drink, especially if you get caught travelling on a hot day.

Ice mixed Borneo has stood for more than 50 years. Legendary. So must be tried because it tastes good,
not too sweet and the price is only about Rp 10,000.

If you find yourself hungry while enjoying your es campur Kalimantan, you can also try their delicious
sate Padang.

Normal working hours are 11.00 – 14.00

Bakso Mataram

Bakso or meatball soup is one of Indonesian’s favorite foods. You can find bakso stalls almost anywhere
in Indonesia, and most bakso has a similar flavor. But… if you find yourself in Binjai, there is a fantastic
bakso stall that you must try, which goes by the name Bakso Mataram.

There are various types of bakso found here, all the way from small- to large-sized. With all the variety,
be sure to make the right choice 🙂

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