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Ecolodge Bukit Lawang

River Tubing Experience at Bohorok River

Riving Tubing Experience At Bohorok River

River tubing is an activity conducted in rivers, often confused with rafting. Although both involve rivers, there are significant differences between tubing and rafting.

In tubing, participants use inflatable rubber tubes, usually one person per tube, while rafting involves rubber boats. Tubing is typically done in rivers with gentle currents, whereas rafting is done in rivers with moderate to strong currents.

River tubing is one of the main activities in Bukit Lawang. Usually, after hiking, tourists can choose river tubing on the Bohorok River as a way to return to the Ecolodge (or where ever you are staying). This activity is always guided to ensure safety for participants.

Safety and Experience

Before stepping into the rubber tube, all your valuables will be securely stored in a waterproof plastic bag that will be tucked safely by the guide. This could include your electronics, hiking boots, water bottles, and your bag. You will then have the option to wear a lifejacket if you’re not a swimmer or not, as the waters are usually on body level. Though it is still advised to wear one as nature could be unpredictable sometimes.

Along the river, visitors are treated to beautiful scenery, including forests and countryside. If lucky, they may also spot some wildlife. Often while cruising, children and local residents can be seen playing or swimming in the river.

In summary, river tubing is an exhilarating but also a relaxing experience anyone can enjoy to end a tiring jungle trek. Next time you are visiting Bukit Lawang, be sure not to miss this activity.

Book with us to guarantee a safe and sustainable ecotourism.

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