Ecolodge Bukit Lawang

Ecolodge Bukit Lawang

Room Type That Suits Your Personality

Hi guys!

Are you planning to visit us but confused about choosing the room type?

Come closer, let us tell you what type of room suits you perfectly!












If you are a modern person with a modern lifestyle and have an extrovert soul. You will love the Butterfly room. This type of room is compact with a hot shower. You can easily socialize with your neighbor or another tourist, this room is also close to the Kapal Bambu Resto. The butterfly room is perfect for social butterfly people.

The Thomas room is for a balanced soul. Placed in the middle, not too far from the Kapal Bambu Resto, but not so close. This room is standard with a little touch of adventure because the Thomas room has a semi-outdoor bathroom. The thomas room is a comfort zone for everyone.

You are an adventurer? Love the nature so much? You must try the Orangutan room! This room has a little garden in the bathroom. And yes, the bathroom is semi-outdoor too! So, want to try the forest vibes?

If you are a calm person and like to be close to nature, the Siamang room is the best room for you! This room offers a forest view from the bed. This room is placed a bit far from the resto, so you will not disturbed by the crowds at the resto.

Last, is special for whoever is a family man. This room is perfect for you who love to spend time with families. This room is the biggest room at Ecolodge. Hornbill room has one double bed and one single bed. This room is the farthest from the restaurant, perfect for quality time with family.

So, what room suits you the most?

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