What do you think when you saw our ecolodge?
“Nice place to stay”
“Such natural lodges to stay and chill”
“Perfect healing spot!”

That’s all right! You can stay at our lodges peacefully and relax your mind with the natural atmosphere here.

But did you know that we offering you more than just a stay?
Yes, you read it right.
We have an activities package for you while you stay here.

We offer you to track around the jungle with our companion. You can choose half-day (3-4 hours)
or full-day trekking (7-8 hours).


If you wanna stay longer, you can choose a 1-6 day jungle trek! Only have one night? We have a night trekking package too!

Oh, you just want to relax and enjoy nature? We suggest you pick a nature walk and bird-watching package. No rush and family-friendly.
We have an alternative route to go back to the lodges. No legs are required, not go down the same path. RELAX YOUR LEGS AND SAY YES TO RIVER TUBING!

We also offer you special activities like caving, tour village, and elephant bathing. we talk about it in the next post! See ya!